Wonderland Designs LLC

 Living plants bring beauty to your world.

        A splash of color, a dash of green. A display of living plants by Wonderland Designs makes your office a brighter, more welcoming place.

        We’re specialists in the art of designing and maintaining living plants for commercial interiors. With a keen eye for detail, we pair innovative plantings with just the right containers to accent and complement your interior. Whether it’s an arrangement of elegant palms, a centerpiece of colorful bromeliads, or a single blooming orchid, our creations add instant appeal to your interior. Our program offers service by trained and certified horticultural technicians.

Call us for a free consultation at 512-543-5047, send an email, or contact us through our contact page.

        We’ll meet with you, assess your interior, and learn about your goals and budget. Then we’ll propose planting designs for your review. After installation, we’ll keep your plants healthy and beautiful with regular watering, fertilizing and trimming.

Interior Plant Services